Banning Plastic Straws?


With companies such as Starbucks introducing a ban on plastic straws by 2020, cities from Seattle to Truro, UK, bringing in city wide bans in restaurants, cafes etc and HRH Queen Elizabeth phasing them out in her Royal Estates plastic straws will soon have had their day.

Plastic straws often slip through the net and one of the common items found on beach cleans.  Because they are small they can easily slip through recycling plant machinery.  They shouldn’t enter the waste stream as they will end up in landfill.  Hopefully public pressure will result in them being eventually banned.  However, in developing countries this is going to be a long process.

Banning plastic straws is a massive step in the right direction, but it is only part of a wider conversation on our consumption behaviours and ocean literacy.  Our whole single use plastic consumption needs to be re-thought.  Government legislation needs to put pressure on the manufacturers who currently are getting away scott free.  A bottle deposit scheme would certainly help to rid .  We all need to pull together making small steps for big change towards a safer and cleaner planet.

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