What Is Sustainable Fashion?

In a world where we are constantly being fed information about plastic pollution, sustainability, climate change, eco conscious and environmental friendliness it is hard to decipher what they actually mean.  It means different things to different people -Different strokes for different folks!  When considering sustainable fashion ask yourself:-

  •  RE-USE – Is it secondhand/vintage ?
  •  ETHICAL – Just because an item is organic does that mean it has been fairly made?
  •  SLOW FASHION – Is it about buying quality items less often, or is it about buying fast, cheap and more often ?
  • CLIMATE – Is it to do with the method in which it was made that may save precious resources and do less damage to our planet?

There will be times when buying new is the way to go.  As long as it is quality and ethically made. Other times a vintage find is so exciting!

During the summer we have become vintage seekers.  On our recent trips to Stockholm and Madrid we had a great time checking them all out.  Sodermalm (SoFo) in Stockholm has an amazing collection of vintage stores – of particular note Stadsmission, Pop and Grandpa.  In Madrid there are plenty of vintage stores centred around Calle Velarde in the Malasana area – our favourite was Magpie.  Check out these gorgeous Converse that Alice tracked down (top photo).


Closer to home we love COW vintage – especially the Nottingham store!  Loads of re-worked designer label stuff (a lot of RL).Cow Vintage

IMG_5332     IMG_5370 2


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