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Following on from our recent blog about sustainable fashion we wanted to showcase a couple of brands with similar ethical values to our own.

Thinking about who made your clothes #whomademyclothes is important if you are a conscious consumer.  Knowing where the material was grown, sourced and made is important.

Positive Outlook Clothing  based in Coventry, UK is a caring and forward thinking brand, founded by a lovely person named Harvey Broadbent.  Check out their site, especially the ‘Feel the Journey’ video in the About  – want to be there!   Positive Outlook Clothing

Most of the clothes are made from bamboo which is antibacterial, breathable and supersoft .  Bamboo has a minimal impact on our environment.

Harvey champions Fairwear screen-shot-2018-10-06-at-16-58-31-e1538910546162.pngwhich closely monitors the fair, safe and healthy working conditions of those working in the garment industry.  There is no child labour, workers are paid a living wage and there are no excessive working hours.  This ethical endorsement protects those in many of the materials supply chain – namely:-

1st stage               the processing of cotton in to lint

2nd stage             the processing of the yarn in to fabric

Manufacturing   the cotton made into clothing

 As opposed to Fairtrade which protects the rights of the farmers growing the base material, Fairwear protects the employees in much of the supply chain.  It is very difficult to have an 100% ethical supply through all of the chain and you will have to make the choice whom you feel should be protected.  With devastating events like the collapse of the Rana Plaza 8 storey building in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed 1129 garment workers and the very poor working conditions they had to suffer, I now think carefully about how my clothes are made. It is very rare that a company is fairtrade and fairwear.  For me, Fairwear is probably more important.


Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 16.11.23

Another ethical brand, Inland Sea initially caught my eye as I love the name.  Just because you don’t live near the sea doesn’t mean you don’t feel a connection to it and this name sums it up perfectly.  They encourage local talent – check out their website Inland Sea to read all about their ethos.  I love the fact that they give back a percentage of their profits to community based projects.  Particular favourites are:-

              Born in the City                One Love Manchester 

Born in the City gives a % of profits to Surfers Against Sewage – the environmental charity that champions the protection of our oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife     &

One Love Manchester gives a % of profits to homeless people in Manchester in response to the tragic terroist attack in Manchester of 2017.

There is also a t that gives back to The Ocean Clean Up – check out my post all about it.

They too look to the future and realise that we cannot continue our use of single use plastics.   Many of their clothing items are made with a large percentage of recycled plastic bottles.

Photo credits: Positive Outlook Clothing, Fairwear Foundation & Inland Sea

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