Jackfruit – a planet saver?

Could we be looking at a replacement for meat?

Eating meat on the current worldwide scale cannot carry on.  Our populations are growing at such a rate that it is predicted that we will have a global population of 10 million by 2050.  We simply cannot feed this many people a meat based diet.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Meat production is depleting our natural reserves so drastically with its intensive farming that, on current estimates, it uses 70% of fresh groundwater to sustain itself.  This figure is combined with the very real danger of greenhouse gas emission and air pollution from rearing livestock  (mainly methane).  Put it all together and you have a very real threat to our planet – that of climatic change.

To the Rescue?

jackfruit 3

Enter a very odd looking fruit with an edible flesh  resembling tuna – the Jackfruit.  This may be a solution to our global over consumption of meat.  It readily takes on flavour such as herbs, spices and other flavourings.  It is sometimes referred to as the ‘vegan pulled pork’ alternative.  Although it can only be grown in warmer climes and will therefore require transport miles it does not rely on intensive production and therefore it could be classed as more sustainable. It is able to withstand long stretches without water and also can tolerate high temperatures.

Breaking it down you can see the benefits below of this lovely fruit.  It is packed full of antioxidants that help keep our immune systems fighting fit; has plenty of fibre to keep our digestion in good working order; is high in complex carbs helping to regulate our blood sugar levels and also has plenty of cancer fighting phytonutrients, isoflavanes and carotenoids.

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 11.26.49

We are in the grip of Veganuary where we take stock of our lifestyles and become more ‘conscious consumers’.  Considering your consumption of meat is important for our planet


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