Ocean Plastics – Educating the Next Generation

Ocean Plastics are now part of our daily lives – fact.  

Educating our children sensitively about this important issue will have lasting effects for our planet.  If we can get them on board at an early age with where the problems lie and what we can all do to resolve it we can hopefully turn this human made issue around.

One such person doing this is Ellie Jackson of wildtribeheroes – author of 3 artfully illustrated books that carefully navigate children through this important environmental issue of ocean pollution.  Suitable for bedtime reading Ellie’s books have gained personal recognition from Sir David Attenborough & Prince Charles, along with features on the BBC and International media such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail and Huffington Post.



                    Ghost gear facts source: worldanimalprotection.org.uk

Ellie has kindly included some further beautiful images of the inside pages for those of you who may be interested in sponsoring ‘Books Into Schools’.

Are you a local business, Parish council, community interest group or another organisation who may want to help by donating £25 for these books to be used in local schools and pre-schools? If so, contact Ellie wildtribeheroes



All photos courtesy of wildtribeheroes







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