The Health Giving Benefits of Plants

I love Plants . . . Simple!

First up, big apologies for not adding to my blog in so long.  I have been so busy getting to grips with launching my business with website design, formulation, marketing content, trademarking … the list goes on!  Anyhows, onwards.

Not Just Aesthetically Pleasing

This is part of my everyday view sat at my desk.  This bowl of plants gives me immense joy.  Not only does it look great but I love touching the plant in the foreground – it’s very tactile; and surprisingly soft to the touch.  The spikes may look prickly but they’re very gentle and act like a mini stress ball when I’m having a bad day!

The little fella in the foreground is Hylocereus Undatus

My eldest daughter is studying for a Masters Degree in Environmental Design and I recently helped her with one of her essays about how a space can make you feel.  Just  as the exterior of a  building can evoke certain feelings from its visual appearance the design of our interior spaces can have a strong effect on our feelings.  For me this visual natural connection through my plants helps me re-connect with Mother Nature – it’s that bringing nature indoors.

Mood Boosters

This bringing nature indoors can have a profound effect on our emotions.  Having plants around us is calming and relaxing.  It’s a pretty base need to feel safe and protected and being surrounded by natural things is familiar to us and therefore we feel less agitated and stressed.  There’s also the fact that we are helping to nurture a living thing that without our care and attention would not flourish and grow.  This act of caring makes us feel better about ourselves and is an important part of our wellbeing – that of balance in our lives and being selfless.

We spend about 80% of our time indoors – so let’s bring nature in

For some of us it’s just not possible to be outdoors all of the time.  Working for most of us involves being indoors, and for those of us that don’t work then other time commitments and,  of course the weather, can play their part in not being able to get fresh air.  This fresh air is key.  NASA undertook research for space travel and healthy environments and their findings are interesting.

  • Just 3 to 6 plants in your workplace or home can help to keep toxin levels low
  • Plants are natural air purifiers taking carbon dioxide in and giving off oxygen which is obviously good for our lungs
  • The purification process can involve toxins from clothes, furniture and other items such as petroleum based candles/solid wood fires that give off unhealthy fumes

My office is where I spend most of my time so it makes sense that a high concentration of plants should be housed here.  I have 12 plants in all dotted about in approximately a 10 square metre space so I should be breathing in super clean air!

I love this little arrangement in the corner of my office – some of these guys have been with me for years!

Scientifically proven health benefits

The Agricultural University of Norway have research to prove indoor plants can filter airborne microbes that can lead to

  • Itchy eyes
  • Coughing
  • Dry skin
  • Runny Nose
  • Dry Throat

Plants create humidity which is better than dry and dusty air which can easily irritate the effects above.  Clever little things aren’t they these lovely green, living things  – not just a beautiful face!

This heart-shaped Ceropegia Woodii baby is one of my favourites – so delicate compared to the big Yucca it shares a home with

Plants can make you work better!

The University of Michigan has research that our productivity can increase by 20% if we are in green surroundings!  Their research also pinpoints increased memory and concentration levels if we have plants in our space.  So, why aren’t there more plants in work environments?  Just think of the extra work that could get done.  I know that I quickly get ‘In the Work Zone’ in my  ‘plant filled’ office surroundings and have that sense of calmness and productivity.

I’m just debating what my next plant is going to be!  I used to have a spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) many moons ago – it’s one of the top air purifiers so may be that or a string of pearls (Senecio Roleyanus), or a Mother In Laws Tongue (Sansevieria Trifasciata) – decisions, decisions !!


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