Our Formulation Journey – Up-date

Formulating Natural Products is No Easy Ride…

Our formulation journey continues but not at the pace I had expected!  I thought I would be up and running way before now but formulating natural haircare with our cosmetic chemist is proving challenging!  Trying to get the exact balance so that our haircare can give shiny, manageable and easily styled hair is a very precise science.  We have been working with some very new ingredients that are at the forefront of cosmetic formulation and it is these that are are throwing us some curve balls.

We are now on number 25 of the shampoo experiments and I’m hoping that this will be the one.  However, I remain philosophical about it all and what will be will be.

We think we are there with the conditioner and leave in – hallelujah.


Personal achievement


Haircare formulation

Formula Botanica logo
Just recently I finally gained my diploma with the renowned Formula Botanica in Organic Haircare Formulation .  This has taken me 2 years to complete whilst working full time and trying to get my business up and running.  It’s given me confidence to talk to my cosmetic chemist and for me to understand how a formulation comes together and what ingredient will work with which.  I have gained understanding on the properties and benefits of ingredients and how natural is the way forward over synthetic.


Untitled design-46

What’s next for us?

We’re hoping and praying  that we can move on to the next phase – stability and safety testing.  This will make sure that our products meet EU regulations for safety and that they work as they should.

While we wait we have perfected our brand image, and are happy with our packaging choices.  We are working on our website and firming up our e-commerce channels.

The next biggie for us will be our trademark.  Fingers crossed that things go our way – watch this space.


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