Halloween Wreath – zero plastic !

This year for Halloween I wanted to create a totally natural decoration for outside the house that speaks of Autumn’s gorgeous colours without any of the usual plastic ‘stuff’ that usually abounds.

From a simple 10 minutes in my garden I gathered all that I needed to create a wreath that hints at Halloween with its simple palette of greens, reds and oranges.

It’s really simple to create and takes approx half an hour to make.


  1. A small wire ring like the one in pic 1 or you could use a simple willow wreath as your starting point.
  2. A variety of foliage collected from your garden or from a walk around your local area.
  3. Some florist’s wire to tie the foliage onto the wire ring
  4. Some moss (I gathered mine from my lawn which is full of it!!) to act as a base for the foliage


Moss ring

First up, you will need to take the moss you have bought or gathered and arrange it in a circle like the picture shows.

If you take a small handful at a time and scrunch in your hand a little it sticks together quite well.

It works best when the moss is damp and not dried out.

After you’ve placed the moss all the way around the ring you will need to fasten it every couple of inches with florist’s wire to keep it in place

Just secure the wire back into the moss so it doesn’t catch where you’re going to hang it!

This is some of the EVERGREEN greenery I gathered


It’s important to get a mixture of greenery and colour so you create impact. After all, you’ve got to compete with all the other orange that’s going on in your street!


To give the wreath some strength it’s a good idea to weave some woody stems up and around the moss.

You can use the wire on the back that you wired the moss in with to anchor the first stem. I use ivy as the first woody stem and then I weave up and under with winter jasmine.

You can now start to fill in the wreath, adding colour as you go. Here, I have grouped together several stems of the orange berry and wired them. There are around 5 in this little bunch.

Once you’ve done around 4 or 5 of these little bunches you can then secure them onto the wreath.

You can now start to let your imagination run riot with the foliage that you’ve gathered. I’ve secured some skimmia for subtle autumnal colour and you can see the winter jasmine has been woven in.

As a last minute thought I attach some horsetail. I know, I know it’s a weed but I thought it added the final touch as some movement.


After adding a wire to the back at the top of the wreath it’s ready to take pride of place on my front door.

Pretty pleased with the result!

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