My name is Helen, mum to 2 gorgeous teenage girls, both confident and fun loving in equal measure!  I am married to my friend and business partner, James – 34 years together and counting.  The other member of our family is Snoopy, our adorable and mischievous beagle.  We are blessed to live near Stratford-upon-Avon, home of the Bard – an area rich in culture and beautiful landscapes.


If I had to sum myself up it would be …honest, reliable, empathetic and hard working.  But, life is not all work and no play.  I love to spend time with friends and family – laughing, having fun and kicking back.  I love to experience new things and places – the old phrase ‘a change is as good as a rest’ springs to mind!

The Why  Just over 15 years’ ago my lovely Dad died of an asbestos related cancer and then 5 years’ later my beautiful Mum, June, was diagnosed with breast cancer (June came through and recently celebrated her 80th birthday – yay!).  During my Mum’s chemo I started to think about preventative measures I might take to lessen my own risk of getting cancer.  I was already a vegetarian thinking about my food choices, but I never really questioned other areas of my lifestyle and how I could lead a more considered life.

This started a quest to be more mindful of not only food, but for everyday items and services such as beauty and cleaning products, sustainable fashion, sustainable architecture … in fact every area that touches our lives.  I really started to take notice of what was in products, their provenance and how they could affect our health.  Buying products that contain ingredients from nature and also organic has got to be better for us than synthetic and toxic.  But, also to know that the people who grow, produce and manufacture them are treated fairly, has got to be equally important.

This blog is a journal of observations and small steps we can all take to lead a more conscious lifestyle.  I believe we can all

PAUSE            CONSIDER          &         ACT

Just stop and think about what you buy and how this impacts others.  I am passionate about the devastating damage that humankind is creating in our oceans and to our marine life.  Plastics and chemicals are ruining our innocent oceans.  This is a human made problem … a problem we can all do something about.  Small steps, big change is needed.  So, come on world let’s do this – who wants more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050?  Not me!


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